Two Piece Package

Save $10 when you buy both the LUXURY BEAD BOX  and the May Bead Collection from our First Series in 2021.


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Two Piece Package

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  • THEME:  Think Pink

    COLOUR:  shades of fuchsia, salmon and rose


    • 3mm fire-polished glass beads, alabaster rose pastel pink (24 pcs) 

    • 4mm fire-polished glass beads, crystal rose metallic ice (100 pcs)

    • 3mm Preciosa crystal bicones, rose AB (24 pcs)

    • 3mm Preciosa crystal bicones, fuchsia AB (24 pcs)

    • ss39 Preciosa Maxima crystal chatons, vintage rose (12 pcs)

    • ss39 Preciosa Maxima crystal chatons, fuchsia (12 pcs)

    • 6mm Preciosa Nacre pearls, rosaline (16 pcs)

    • 6mm Preciosa Nacre pearls, pearlescent pink (32 pcs)

    • 27mm Aurora pointed back foiled chaton, vintage rose (1 pc)

    • 2 metres SS6 Rhinestone cupchain, fuchsia 


    (everything shown in the photos)

    Retail value is aproximately $54.

  • THEME:  Flowers

    COLOUR:  Shades of Rose, Fuchsia and Salmon


    • 9g Miyuki Duracoat size 11/0 seed beads

    • 9g Miyuki Duracoat silver-lined size 11/0 seed beads

    • 4.5g Miyuki dyed size 11/0 seed beads

    • 9g Matubo size 7/0 pressed seed beads

    • 7x5mm Bell Flower Cup beads

    • 9x7mm Mini Tulip beads

    • 12x15mm Peony Petal beads

    • 8x11mm Anemone Petal beads

    • 7x13mm Curved Petal beads

    • 14x14mm Flower Cup beads

    • 5x8mm Zoli Duo beads, left and right

    • 8x8mm Wibeduo beads

    • 6x8mm Lily Petal beads

    • Nymo D thread

    • John James size 10 short beading needle

          (quantities shown in photo)

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