When will my Beadle Box ship?

The boxes will be shipped between the 1st and 7th of each month.  If you subscribe on or before the 25th day of the month, you will be sent the current month's Beadle Box as soon as I can get to the Post Office after you have made your order.  If you subscribe after the 25th day of the month, you will receive the next month's Beadle Box in with the next month's shipment.

How do I update my Credit Card information?

The Beadle Box uses PayPal as the payment agent for this website.  If you update your credit card information with PayPal, it will automatically be updated for purchases of the Beadle Box.

If I order something else from your website, can it be shipped with a Beadle Box?

Probably not.  The size of the box containing your subscription beads has been carefully designed to provide the best shipping price.  This includes the weight of the box so anything added will upset this balance.  As well, the website sets up a separate shopping cart for the subscription.  Feel free to order other things but the website will have you pay for them separately and they will be shipped separately.

If I don't like the colour of the beads in my box, can I exchange them?

Returns or exchanges of beads in the Beadle Box is not allowed.  The idea of the box is to introduce you to beads and colours which will stretch you and inspire you as a creative bead artist.  The Beadle Boxes are put together to cycle through an entire range of colours over the course of one year.  There are also themes for each month, such as Flowers, Leaves, Autumn, Bead Embroidery, Canada Day and Christmas.  If you are using the Beadle Box to start a bead collection, you will have a wonderful selection of colours, shapes and sizes at the end of one year.  

Can I cancel my subscription?

If you change your mind about ordering a subscription to the Beadle Box, you may cancel by sending an e-mail message to ladybeadledesigns@nucleus.com.  Refunds are not encouraged, but will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  In all cases, a $20 restocking fee will be applied before issuing the refund.   

You said the boxes will run for one year, but if I start a subscription part way through the year, how will that work if I want a full year's subscription?

I cannot say whether or not you would not be able to receive twelve boxes since this is subject to demand for the Beadle Box.  If demand is high and a second year is started, yes, you would be able to receive an entire year's worth of Beadle Boxes.  If demand is less, it might be possible to receive boxes left over from the start of the series at the end of your year.  We will wait and see how all of this goes.  

I'm really excited about subscribing to the Beadle Box but it is sold out.  How do I get on your waiting list?

Please complete the form below and you will be put on the list.

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Thanks for your interest!

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