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A list of my beading projects that have been published in books or magazines,

and ones that have won prizes in various competitions and contests.

Click the photo to see an enlargement.

2019 August ~ Fashion Handicraft Magazine, Ukraine

Julia Necklace

2019 August ~ Toho Beads Featured Artist for 2019

Beaded Spheres

Colours were chosen by Toho Beads. Designers given free-reign to make an article of their choice within the colour range. Finished articles featured in Tokyo Exhibit.

2019 February ~ Preciosa Contest

Three Heart Lariat

Winner "Made For You" Tutorial Contest

2019 Feburary ~ Bead and Button Magazine

Scalloped Bead Crochet Necklace

2019 January/March ~ Preciosa Company Magazine

Astrid Necklace and Lace Curtain Necklace featured

Article talks about how customers use Preciosa Beads in their work

2019 October ~ Fire Mountain Gems Teacher's Contest

Fairy Dust Pendant 1st Prize

Teachers at the 2019 Bead and Button Show were given a fillable tube and asked to submit a design using the tube.

2019 October ~ Grand River Bead Society, Ontario

Celebrity Artist for their Annual Show

2019 October ~ Preciosa Contest

Glistening Choker

Winner "Glistening Choker" Tutorial Contest

2019 September ~ Fashion Handicraft Magazine, Ukraine

Kiya Collar

2019 September ~ Fire Mountain Gems Seed Bead and Jewellery Making Contest

Jacinta Collar

Bronze Medal in Beaded Emboidery Category

2019 September ~ Preciosa Contest

Beaded Bead

Winner "Late Harvest Beaded Bead" Tutorial Contest

2020 July ~ Bead and Jewellery Magazine, UK

Rose Window Pendant

2020 July ~ Preciosa Contest

Chili Ornament Necklace

Winner "Chili Ornament" Tutorial Contest

2020 March ~ Preciosa Contest

Tears Earrings

Winner "Tears" Tutorial Contest

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