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Custom Work

Mom's 80th Bday Necklace WM sm.jpg

Custom Necklace made with 80 Swarovski crystal pearls to celebrate an 80th Birthday

The missing end of this bolo tie was custom made for a man who had had this piece since childhood.

Repaired Nick's Bolo 2.JPG
Repairing Nick's Bolo 4.JPG

Custom watch made by adding beads to an existing band.

Janet's Watch 1.JPG
Margot's Necklace WM sm.jpg

One of my designs (Atlantea Necklace) made with colours chosen by the customer.  It now has a home in Queensland, Australia.

Veronica's Pearl Rope

Several unused pearl bracelets were made into a freshwater pearl rope that the customer will now wear frequently.

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