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Blitzball-Inspired Beading

It's interesting what can inspire you to design something with beads.

This is a plastic blitzball. It has facets. Some are pentagons, twelve to be exact.

Some are hexagons, sixty to be exact.

I decided I would try copy this idea with beads. I used some of the new frosted glazed colours of size 11/0 Miyuki seed beads. I made a floral shape for each facet -- yellow with five tips and blues with six tips. I stitched them together and added bronze seed beads for the joining rows.

I raised the yellow pentagons from the inside to make the ping pong ball inside fit a little bit better.

It was tricky to join the shapes together because each one is rotated a little compared to the next. But, it worked.

The cool thing was that after it was all finished, I noticed that where the two blue colours met, another row of hexagons appeared.

Math, geometry and creativity all rolled into one fun shape.

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